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The current version of SeqWare is 1.1.1, released on May 1st, 2015. See the release notes for details.

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Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis on the Grid and in the Cloud

The open source SeqWare project is a portable software infrastructure designed to analyze massive genomics datasets produced by contemporary and emerging technologies, in particular Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platforms. It consists of a comprehensive suite of infrastructure tools focused on enabling the end-to-end analysis of sequence data – from from raw base calling to analyzed variants ready for interpretation by users. See the ”About SeqWare” and the ”Introduction to SeqWare” documents for more details. The ”Documentation” pages show how to install and use SeqWare. In particular, we recommend new users begin with the three getting started guide found in the documentation section and linked to below.

Developers can reach the GitHub site ”here”.