1. Introduction to SeqWare
  2. Installation
  3. Getting Started
  4. SeqWare Pipeline
  5. SeqWare MetaDB
  6. SeqWare Portal
  7. SeqWare Web Service
  8. SeqWare Query Engine
  9. Glossary
  10. Frequently Asked Questions
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  15. Advanced Topics

Metadata - Report Resources


Reports are exclusively GET operations that query the state of the Metadata DB and amalgamate information from multiple sources within the MetadataDB and elsewhere (e.g. Server information). They are distinguished from /metadata/db resources when:

  • they involve multiple database joins. Populating the values of a particular row would not qualify. For example, displaying an IUS with its lane, processing events and samples would not be a report because all of the information can be acquired with single joins, but reporting all of the samples in a study would be a join of at least 3 tables so would qualify as a report.
  • the output format is intended to be more human readable and scriptable than JAXB’s XML, e.g. CSV, JSON, or XML with an XSD.


The Web service that this API refers to is http://localhost:8888/seqware-webservice. For more information about each resource and the correct complete URI, please follow the link to the resource-specific page.

URI Description
Retrieves a summary of all runs of a workflow.
Retrieves workflow run report for all runs, including input and output files.
Retrieves the workflow run reports for a particular workflow using its SeqWare accession, including input and output files.
Retrieves a list of experiments.
Retrieves the provenance of files, such that each row traces a distinct path from a study to a file. Files returned are a conjunction of the disjunction of values for each name.
Retrieves the workflow runs associated with a file or a set of files using one of three search patterns.
Retrieves a single workflow run report, including input and output files, using its SeqWare accession.